Case Study: APTUS Takes the Burden of Financial Management off TBIRC, So They Can Focus on Helping Brain Injury Survivors

APTUS serves clients across the country in various industries. All of them are important to us; however, there is something truly special about supporting organizations within our local community, especially those with such a meaningful purpose. One of those clients is the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center (TBIRC), located in Toledo, Ohio.


About the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center (TBIRC)

TBIRC is a nonprofit organization that provides rehabilitative and educational support, hope, and inspiration for brain injury survivors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. The Center was founded by Jackie and Mike Moore in 2014, a few years after Jackie suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a multivehicle accident. Their reason for opening the Center was to help educate and alleviate some of the daily complications associated with TBIs. The symptoms Jackie experienced post-accident were debilitating. She made the decision to commit her days to helping others achieve a better quality of life.

The Center’s reach extends not only throughout Northwest Ohio but also nationally. Every month, TBIRC assists hundreds of survivors, family members, and healthcare professionals through one-on-one meetings, phone calls, and emails. Although the Center canceled onsite programming in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it plays a vital role in the region and beyond.

Before: Accounting Was a Weakness

Jackie met Mike Hunter, Managing Member of APTUS, at a networking event a few years before APTUS was founded. She worked with him in her prior business venture as she had little experience in accounting. “Mike not only became a wonderful asset to my business at the time but also a great friend,” Jackie said. “I developed great trust in Mike, so when I opened the Center, I followed him to APTUS.”

Coupled with her inexperience in accounting, Jackie also has significant difficulties when it comes to reading, writing, and counting money because of the accident. As a small business, she knew there would be many compliance and tax issues that would need to be taken care of. She knew she could not do these herself. So, she enlisted the help of APTUS to make sure TBIRC stayed on the right path, while she focused on those in need.

After: Honesty, Integrity, and a Company TBIRC Could Count On

APTUS handles the whole backend of TBIRC and allows Jackie to be completely hands-off. “APTUS makes sure all of our compliance, taxes, and intricate bookkeeping is done on time,” Jackie said. “When we have grants, APTUS sets up and reconciles those accounts. They also go above and beyond to have reports ready for us when we have to meet with donors.”

According to Jackie, it isn’t easy nowadays to find organizations that exemplify honesty and integrity. “We are a relatively new organization, but we are growing in leaps and bounds, so we need somebody that we can rely on to know that we’re going to be safe and protected,” she said. “With APTUS, I know that my business is on track to grow and that it will pass through audits with flying colors.”

TBIRC relies on every dollar they get coming in from the outside to grow, flourish, and continue providing excellent resources for the community. APTUS ensures their compliance is done correctly and on time so they can apply for grants. Having the support of APTUS has allowed TBIRC to grow at an unprecedented pace. “Growth, growth, growth. That’s where we’re going, and I know that with Mike and APTUS behind us, the sky’s the limit,” Jackie said.


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