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Budget-able Accounting Advisory

There is an identifiable gap in the market for SMB's.

No one is aligning strategy with accounting practices. As your company becomes more successful, you may find yourself doing more and more book keeping. Which isn't what you signed up for.

CPA's are too expensive and your traditional bookeepers are not strategic enough.

Aptus was designed for small to mid-size companies that are frustrated with their bookeeping. We supply a service that is otherwise un-achievable for the small to mid-size businesses.

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APTUS Overview -
Mark Frasco, Entreprenuer, Business Coach, and Founding Member of APTUS

APTUS is a full-service financial and managerial accounting practice. We supply the talent, technology, tools and processes that deliver on-time, quality reporting and advisory services. Our solution is designed to give organizations better financial information, in a performance management system that enables them to make faster, fact-based decisions.

Client Advocacy –
Emily Dubuc, Owner – Homewood Press

Emily Dubuc, Owner of Homewood Press addresses how APTUS has integrated the latest accounting software and technology for her business. Thanks to APTUS, now all of Homewood’s invoicing is done on the cloud, offering transparency and real time insight so they can now reach their financial goals more easily.


Our Mission

APTUS implements and ensures accurately applied, generally accepted financial and managerial accounting principles, accompanied with operating strategies and performance management structures that support improved bottom-line results.

Imagine aligning more of your efforts on that which your customers value. That is the APTUS value proposition: our advisory bookkeeping, payroll, back office and CXO services give you the confidence and the time to improve organizational performance.