North American Association of Subway® Franchisees (NAASF) APTUS

Success Story: NAASF


The North American Association of Subway® Franchisees (NAASF) serves Subway franchisees across North America. NAASF focuses on providing solutions, enhancing communications, and maximizing profits and the value of their members’ investments in Team Subway.

NAASF consists of a 10-member, national board. Within the association, they have 2,500 members. NAASF represents 7,800 franchises across the U.S. and Canada.


Before: Many Hats

Before partnering with APTUS for financial accounting, managerial accounting, and performance management consulting services, NAASF worked with some outside firms, but only for certain aspects of their accounting and financial operations.

Consequently, they handled almost all financial duties in-house. These duties fell to Illya Berecz, the executive director, who oversees all of the day-to-day operations of NAASF – in addition to finances – so she found herself wearing many hats.


Results: Partnership for Success

NAASF has been working with APTUS for almost two years now, and the relationship has evolved into a true partnership. “Mike Hunter and I work together on the association budget,” Illya stated. “He and his team are handling all of our bookkeeping/accounting and quarterly reporting to the board as well. In fact, Mike will be attending our board meeting at the end of this month and will be assisting in the presentation of the finances to the board of directors.”

“We’re a team. APTUS has the financial expertise and knowledge that I need for this association to be on solid footing. They truly understand all of the comings and goings of our finances, so I am able to focus on the various other duties that full under my responsibility.”

-Illya Berecz, Executive Director, NAASF

APTUS provides NAASF with numerous services, including financial KPIs, monthly reports, business analytics, business process management, account receivables management, payroll, and more.

Illya and her team have particularly benefited from going paperless and switching to using the Cloud for many of their financial operations. “Bookkeepers with whom NAASF has worked in the past conducted business differently,” Illya explained. “I had to physically print checks, get them signed, there was a lot of time invested in the back and forth processes go back and forth. Since we have 10 board members across North America, it was very time-consuming to do our accounts receivable and accounts payable.”

“Now, with everything centralized on the Cloud, our process has become much more expeditious, which has made us more efficient,” she added.

Illya also reported that she has especially valued the quarterly financial reports that APTUS sends to her. “To me, this report is hugely insightful,” she said. “It provides a nice snapshot of the way our business is progressing. It is something I look forward to seeing.”

Overall, NAASF has enjoyed the relationship they’ve developed with APTUS. “Mike and his team are very accessible and incredibly knowledgeable,” Illya stated. “They are very easy to have conversations with about how to get things done. I believe thathey have the expertise and the financial wherewithal to handle businesses of any size. And they’re just pleasant to work with!”