Case Study: APTUS Provides Extreme Benefit to NAASF

At APTUS, many of our clients have been with us since the very start. One such client is The North American Association of Subway® Franchisees (NAASF), which has championed APTUS’ services for several years now.



The North American Association of Subway® Franchisees (NAASF) was founded in 2000 and serves Subway franchises across North America. The organization focuses on providing solutions, enhancing communications, and maximizing profits and the value of their members’ investments in Team Subway.

NAASF consists of a 10-member, national board. Within the association, they have 2,500 members and represent 7,800 franchises across the U.S. and Canada.

Before: Many Hats

Before teaming up with APTUS to help with their financial management, NAASF felt as though they weren’t as technologically advanced and up to speed as other associations. They were looking for someone to own their accounting and finance functions, take control, and advise them on a daily basis. “In my position, I wear many hats including membership, marketing, and others. But, one of the hats I don’t wear is finance,” said Illya Berecz, Executive Director of NAASF.

Illya had worked indirectly with Mike Hunter, Managing Member of APTUS, in a prior position and knew she had to jump on board as soon as she heard of his new full-service financial and managerial accounting practice. “It was exciting for me to work with someone who I had worked with in the past,” she said. “Mike did an incredible and thorough job as the auditor for my previous company, so I knew he was going to be able to help us in his new endeavor by providing that same level of service,” she said.

After: Intangible Results

NAASF believes in the mission of APTUS and has witnessed the great benefit that it provides to its organization. According to Illya, just like any small association, NAASF has things that pop up irregularly, and oftentimes they need answers expeditiously. “APTUS is always there for us during those kinds of situations,” she said. “When the Board of Directors asks questions, APTUS provides answers speedily and accurately every single time without failure.”

APTUS has helped NAASF from a financial perspective, as well as a technology perspective. The regularity with which APTUS provides reporting has helped NAASF so that they have the information in hand to make important financial decisions. “The one thing that we truly couldn’t live without is their quarterly reporting. It’s spot on,” said Illya. “It lets me paint the financial picture to my board regularly and accurately, and I look forward to providing it to them every quarter.”

Without APTUS, Illya and her team wouldn’t be able to make the decisions that affect NAASF and its participating franchisees as easily and confidently as they do now. “APTUS allows us to see exactly what is going on and what the implications are of the decisions we might make.”

Overall, NAASF has enjoyed the relationship they’ve developed with APTUS. “Their level of professionalism is something that I just find exemplary. It gives me a sense of comfort and peace of mind,” Illya said. “They are providing a level of service that we not only expect but admire. Our board rolls over and every year, without failure, the new board is impressed with APTUS and the value they bring to our organization.”


APTUS is a full-service financial and managerial accounting practice. We supply the talent, technology, tools, and processes that deliver on-time, quality reporting, and advisory services. Our solution is designed to give organizations better financial information, in a performance management system that enables them to make faster, fact-based decisions.

Imagine aligning more of your efforts on that which your customers value. That is the APTUS value proposition: our advisory bookkeeping, payroll, back office, and CXO services give you the confidence and the time to improve organizational performance.