APTUS VIEWPOINT Live Series 1: Small & Mid-Sized Business Challenges Mike Hunter Mark Frasco Ashleigh Hotz

Viewpoint Live Series: Small & Mid-Sized Business Challenges

As a small to mid-sized business owner, what are the biggest challenges that you face?

Building value for your clients?

Attracting and retaining talent?

The back-office side of your business?

Our new Viewpoint installment is part of a series of interviews discussing the common challenges that small to mid-sized business owners face and how you can overcome them.

This video features an interview with Mike Hunter, CPA, a managing member of APTUS, and Mark Frasco, a local entrepreneur, business coach, and a founding member of APTUS.

Check out this video to learn more about these challenges, what struggles many companies have with their financial systems, and what Mike Hunter’s favorite ice cream flavor is. (Hint: It’s not what you might think!)