Aligning strategy with accounting practices

Financial Accounting Services

APTUS supplies comprehensive financial accounting services that includes the broad range of financial accounting systems, from paying your bills to making sure your payroll is done correctly and on time.

  • System design and management
  • Transactions Management
  • Reconciliations
  • Accounts receivables Management
  • Accounts payables Management
  • Payroll

Managerial Accounting Services

APTUS supplies managerial accounting services that many organizations struggle to design and maintain. We will develop cost accounting structures that will help you gather, organize, analyze, and share data, converting your business to a fact-based environment, which features more rapid, higher quality decisions, leading to higher profits. APTUS is your CFO.

  • Business process measurement
  • Business Analytics
  • Key performance indicators

Performance Management Consulting

APTUS personnel have over 50 years of organizational leadership experience. We help leaders determine goals and design processes that help move ideas to action, building transparency and delivering reporting structures that allow leadership to make fact-based decisions.

  • CXO Services – CEO, CFO, CTO, CHRO, COO, CMO coaching and support
  • Knowledge Management
  • Operations and Process Design

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