Financial Health: Where Does Your Business Stand?

Being a small business owner has its perks – but wearing “all the hats” sometimes means that many duties often take priority over your accounting projects. Take a minute to think about your business’s financial health – where you do stand? Whether your accounting and financial management practices need a complete overhaul, or you have a solid process already in place, there are always ways to improve your processes to keep ahead of the curve.

There is an identifiable gap in the market for small to mid-size businesses when it comes to aligning strategy with accounting practices. As your company becomes more and more successful, you may find yourself doing more and more bookkeeping. Which isn’t necessarily how you want to be spending your time when you have a business to run. When it comes to outsourcing for accounting support, business owners often hit the same roadblocks: CPA’s are too expensive, and your traditional bookkeepers are not strategic. That’s why APTUS was designed for small to mid-size businesses to fill these gaps. As a full-service financial and managerial accounting practice, we supply the talent, technology, tools and processes that deliver on-time, quality reporting and advisory services. Our goal is to give organizations better financial information, in a performance management system that enables them to make faster, fact-based decisions.

Are you struggling to complete your accounting on time, manage your cash flow, and reconcile your bank accounts each month? If so, our latest E-book, Six Accounting Practices for Small businesses, provides a personalized strategy for your business to get organized and follow best-practices for accounting and financial success. Many small businesses tend to make the same accounting mistakes or not follow specific, repeatable processes, which can create inconsistencies and frustration in the long run. This E-book solves many of these common issues by providing step-by-step information on best practices, and specific tips for how your business can improve.

Take APTUS’s quick Financial Health quiz and receive a copy of our Ebook in your inbox – customized to your business’s current financial state. You will discover the breakdown of what those specific practices are, why they are important, and how you can utilize them in your business to easily set yourself up for success.