how to get the most out of your time

How to Get the Most Out of Your Time as a Small Business Owner

Fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners out there: do you remember what drew you to want to be your own boss in the first place?




Unchartered territory?

Beyond question, owning a small business comes with its fair share of benefits. But it also comes with its fair share of headaches.

If you’re wearing a lot of hats, for instance, you probably see your calendar keep getting filled more and more.

And maybe it seems like there just isn’t enough time in a day.

And maybe owning your business is getting in the way of your ability to have a life outside of work.

The good news is that there a few small, manageable steps you can take to help you make the most of your day, maximize your productivity, and take control of your time instead of letting it run away from you.

Check out this sample schedule from Dylan Roach at Business Insider based on Laura Vanderkam’s best-selling book, “I Know How She Does It: How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time,” to get some ideas about how to get the most out of your time.


How to Schedule Your Day for Maximum Productivity When You Own a Small Business